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Rufus the Great.png


Born 10/09/07

Huacaya - Light Fawn

Rufus is a ladies man. He is handsome and he knows it.

Legacy Acres Maxmillan.png


Born 6/14/17

Huacaya - Light Fawn

Max is Max… He is a sweetie and always smiling. He has wonderful fleece and a great head of hair, and Max loves getting his picture taken.

Regina Parata_edited.png


Born 10/01/07

Huacaya - Dark Brown

Regina is the matriarch of the herd. She is always looking out for the rest of the herd. She helps Becky when there is trouble or needs to move everyone inside during bad weather.

Julia Parata.png


Born 4/25/09

Huacaya - Dark Brown

Julia, Regina and Alex are sisters. Julia has a very dark brown neck and face, and the longest eyelashes. She loves to be sprayed with the hose on hot summer days. She will dance around and jump in front of the other girls to get the best spot.

Alexandria Parata.png


Born 9/05/04

Huacaya - Dark Brown

Alex has the same mom as Regina and Julia, and shares their dark brown fleece. She is one of our older girls and the smallest. She moves a little slow due to some arthritis but she is as sweet as can be.

Clarissa Parata.png


Born 10/10/08

Huacaya - Light Fawn

Clarissa loves to be with people. She was the first of the girls to eat out of my hand and to let us handle her. Clarissa loves to eat and will do anything for a snack. She is one of the most photogenic alpacas we own.

Lovely Pearl.png


Born 5/09/07

Huacaya - Beige

Pearl loves to eat snacks from your hand. She is very inquisitive and loves to be near kids. She has a wonderful personality and likes to hang out with us. She helps Regina and Becky keep everyone safe. Becky and Pearl love to play.

Ella Jones.png


Born 4/16/03

Huacaya - Light Fawn

Ella is a little over 18 but is pretty feisty for a mature alpaca. She loves kids and like Julia, and loves the hose in the summer. Ella has a little attitude from time to time but it's ok because she is the eldest. She likes to give you a little surprise in your hand when you feed her snacks.

Brilliant Jewel.png


Born 5/25/07

Huacaya - Light Fawn

Jewel has wonderful fleece and a sweet disposition. She is always one of the first to come visit when we are handing out snacks.


Eclipse's Sand Storm

Born 11/20/13

Huacaya - Medium Fawn

Storm is a very handsome male. He has such a sweet disposition and beautiful fiber. Storm along with Max, will be our herd-sires. I’m certain we will have beautiful crias from these two.


Merlot Wine

Born 10/21/07

Huacaya - Medium Brown

Like her namesake, Merlot is full-bodied with a little sweetness and spice. She has the biggest brown eyes and is very curious.


Moonbeam's Ebony Moon

Born 11/15/11

Huacaya - True Black

Moonbeam’s Ebony can be recognized by her beautiful black fiber and 3 white spots on her neck. We love Moonbeam because she is like a ray of moonlight brightening our night.


Lunar Eclipse's Miracle Girl

Born 10/4/15

Huacaya - Bay Black

Miracle got her name because she had a tough start to life. Her previous owner said that it was a miracle that she lived after complications at birth. We are so glad to have Miracle in our herd. She is super gentle and loves visitors. She also has amazing

fiber and the cutest ears.

Ember Jewel.png

Chompers Ember Jewel

Born 9/30/15

Huacaya - Bay Black

Ember Jewel and Miracle have a bunch of things in common. Their dad was “Ultra Royal Chomper of Arcidia”. With a name like that the girls had to be awesome. They are both bay black, have wonderful fiber, a very gentle disposition and cute fuzzy ears.


Sraf Natalie

Born 10/2/03

Huacaya - Medium Brown

Natalie is so sweet. She loves 2 things: to be handled and to eat. She can smell food a mile away and will come running. She will knock you down if you stand in her way.  She follows Mike from bucket to bucket when he feeds the gang in the morning. She will take a bite from each scoop then move on to the next. When everyone is done she will come back to clean up what was missed.



Livestock Guard Dog

Becky is a 5 year old Great Pyrenees. She has been with the herd since she was a puppy. Great Pyrenees dogs are bred as LGD’s and are extremely smart and loyal. Nothing will ever come between her and the alpacas. She is very loving and a great addition to our family.



Farm Feline

And there’s Chessie. Chessie is a transplant to the farm from our house in Murfreesboro. He was a feral kitten but has always been a great companion for our family. Chessie is an indoor, outdoor cat that patrols the farm for critters. He is a great hunter and has a personality more like a dog than a cat.

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