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Meet our Chickens

Here at Valley View Farm & Garden, we're home to a variety of animals including Buff Orpington chickens! Visit the coop during your tour!

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All Orpingtons are said to be docile and friendly, but this is especially true of the buff.


They are very calm and stately – they sort of glide across the barnyard – unless they are running for treats, in which case they hike up their ‘skirts’ and run like crazy!


Buff Orpingtons love to be cuddled and will often seek you out to let you know they need attention. Their fabulous feathering makes them very cold, hardy, although they can chill and die quickly if their feathers get sodden.


Orpingtons tolerate warmer climates but need to have access to shade during the heat of the day.

They make great broodies and good mothers. They will usually accept hatching eggs being placed under them.


The buff roosters are fiercely protective of their offspring and even take a spell on the nest to give mom a break!


Orpingtons are a top choice for many families because the buff is superb with children, tolerating all sorts of things kids do. However, keep a watchful eye since they have a strong beak that can deliver a mighty peck if needed.


Being so laid back and friendly makes them a great project bird for 4H clubs since they tolerate handling and confinement so well. These same qualities make for great show birds also as they are not upset by frequent handling, strange environments, and unusual noises.


They tolerate confinement very well, and although they will free-range, they rarely forage, relying mainly on the feeders.


They are reliable layers of large brown eggs, around 200–280 per year!

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