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A wonderfully nice naturally odor resistant cushion for your aching feet! 

This natural alpaca fiber shoe insert grown and crafted in the USA will keep you WARM - from the bottom up in cold weather!  It also BREATHS away foot moisture and odor!    

These insoles are particularly interesting as they expertly use alpaca 3rds.  A product which used to be thrown away. These insoles are made with a low impact process which, like alpacas themselves, are non-polluting and great for the environment. 


The insoles work well in outdoor boots, indoor shoes and even slippers! Alpaca shoe inserts wick away moisture, saving your shoes and your feet! Avoid achy feet with these soft cushioned insoles. 

Give up the cold and step onto warm comfortable Alpaca with these made in the USA alpaca foot warmers! 


Great for outdoors in boots! 

An extra soft and warm cushion in your slippers! 

These alpaca insoles are thick, soft and provide a warm barrier between you and the cold below. 

Your shoes or boots will last longer and feel more comfortable with padded moisture wicking alpaca insoles! 

Alpaca Foot Warmers - Shoe Inserts - Insoles

  • Can be easily trimmed with scissors if needed to fit any shoe size. 

    Size:  Can be cut to fit any boot or shoe.  Cut the insoles to fit snugly to prevent slipping 

    • Small (women’s shoe sizes 5-7) 

    • Medium (women’s shoe sizes 8-10 ) 

    • Large (men’s shoe sizes 8-10) 

    • Extra Large (men’s shoe sizes 11-13). 

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